• Programming
  • C++, C#, Python, Java etc

  • Software development, Mobile App development, Website design.

  • Teaching programming for complete beginners

  • Graphics Center
  • Still and Motion Graphics
  • Video editing

  • Whiteboard videos and digital ads

  • Web security center

  • Vulnerability scanning on web pages, database, etc

  • Pen testing

  • Ethical hacking services

  • Information Center

  • SEO

  • Marketing services

  • Digital Marketing

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We are the best programming company with quality software. We can design for you a software, mobile app, or create a website using the programming language of your choice. We have a team of experts who graduated from prominent universities and have at least five years of programming experience.

Tutoring Programming Languages

We teach Java, C++, C#, and Python programming languages for complete beginners or programmers who would like to advance their skills. Our charges are flexible and we provide interactive sessions virtually that makes you an expert from a novice. We can't wait to here from you. What are you waiting for, contact us today.

App and Software Center

We develop apps and software that solves your real organization's problems in real time. We have partnered with IBM to ensure that the quality of service we are giving you is top-notch. We can't wait to hear from you, we are here to solve your technological problems.


We manage and monitor all steps involved with assigned monetary resources to ensure effectiveness in the services we offer to you. Our experts use their technical skills to minimize costs and maximize profits.


We have competent support staff that are waiting to hear from you and solve all your programming and technology problems. At Stefirm, the customer is always right and your wish is our command. We ensure that the kind of service we offer is exactly what you requested for. 



We design logos, posters, flyers, banners, special event cards eg wedding cards, etc


This includes video editing, whiteboard videos, adverts, explainers etc


Publishing magazines, books, articles etc.

Branding all items eg cups, umbrellas, t-shirts etc


Website vulnerability scanning

Buy $76.99

Ports and pages scanning

Buy $42.99

proposing ways to improve your web security

Buy $30.99

Checking your databases and ensure your info is secure

Buy $115.99

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secure your Website
  • Effective Scanning and Control Plan
  • Dedicated Experts
  • Simple Configuration
  • Completely Secured Process
  • Exemplary Software
  • Dedicated Support